Behind the Scenes Tours

Arts & Humanities

Behind the Adventure - A Science and Technology Tour of Islands of Adventure
Students now have the opportunity to discover the sciences used to create the world's most technologically-advanced theme park! The Behind the Adventure Tour showcases the physics, technology and general sciences that went into creating the most popular attractions at Islands of Adventure.

Special F/X Tour - Discover the Secrets of Movie Magic
Through this newly redesigned and interactive tour of Universal Studios, students will learn about the arts and sciences used to create movie magic. Highlights include behind-the-scenes access to Revenge of the Mummy and Twister. You'll also learn about the art of movie make-up and about set design secrets.

School of Rock - You'll tour the Hard Rock Hotel and learn what goes into making a business run, what challenges are involved and discover many of the career opportunities awaiting in the hospitality industry. Lunch, prepared by one of the executive chefs, is included with this program.

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The First Hand Learning Series

Acclaimed experts share some of the secrets of their trades. These one-hour programs provide students with an insiders look at different careers and how their classroom lessons apply to the real world.

Ride Design - An in-depth discussion of the ride design process. Students will meet engineers from Universal Creative to learn about the process of creating attractions and witness technologies to be used in future attractions

. Marketing and Sales - Discover some of the methods used by Universal Orlando to promote the resort. Topics include advertising, promotions, brand marketing and marketing research.

Culinary Arts - Take a tour of several professional kitchens and learn about careers in the culinary arts field. Top it off with a slice of pizza from one of the kitchens you'll tour. Lunch and Learn pizza parties available for younger students.

Other Topics Available including: Finance, Career Development and Guest Service

Performing Arts Workshops - Choose from Audition Technique or Improv Technique

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Assembly Programs

The Right to Dream - This live performance tells a compelling story about the struggle and sacrifice for civil rights in America. Witness a young man's coming of age as an African-American in Mississippi during the 1950's and 1960's. This program illuminates the issues of civil rights, leading audiences to understand how the fight against prejudice has shaped our history.

Anne Frank: Through the Eyes of a Friend - This live performance allows audiences to witness the pain, loss and hope of young people during the Holocaust. This moving program is a poignant portrait of friendship and survival, brought to life through the eyes of Anne Frank's best friend.

The New American- From the turmoil of the old country to the promise of America. Revisit the steamship passage of 1910, the path through Ellis Island and the sweatshops of the lower east side of Manhattan. Discover hope and find the meaning of liberty.

GE Ecomagination - Learn about finding energy alternatives such as wind and solar power, reduction of emissions and cleaner water. Topics include Environmental Science, Invention and Innovation, Global Business and Corporate Leadership.

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