Disney's Y.E.S. Youth Education Series

Arts & Humanities

The American Story 2nd -12th Grade Social Studies and History
Live the rich history of the United States of America through the stories and setting of the attractions in Liberty Square and Frontierland.

Disney's Animation Magic 3rd -12th Grade Animation Art
Explore the artistry and history of animation and how one man's creativity, passion, and innovation pioneered the way for today's Disney animated classics.

Florida Story 3rd - 8th Grade Florida History
Travel back through Florida 's past to discover the people, flora, fauna and history of this unique state.

Magic Behind the Show: Improve & Teamwork 6th - 12th Grade Performing Arts
During this entertainment adventure, students participate in improvisational activities, practice and develop performance and team building techniques and come to know one another as members of a creative team.

Millennium Cultures 5th -12th Grade Social Studies
Discover how cultural gateways have been created through technology, communication, and commerce.

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Life Management

Backstage Safari 11th - 12th Grade Conservation and Careers
Go behind the scenes to get a look at the creative ways Disney's Animal Kingdom scientists and animal-care staff are handling complex issues such as animal care, nutrition, conservation, and behavioral studies.

Career Discovery 6th -12th Grade School-to-Work Careers
Students navigate career development and formulate strategies for personal and professional success.

Disney's Leadership Excellence 9th - 12th Grade Business & Leadership
Tomorrow's business leaders discover proven management strategies that promote personal and professional growth.

Disney's Production Arts/Sciences 3rd - 12th Grade Production Arts/Media Literacy
Acting as makers and marketers of visual media, students learn how technologies, techniques, and storyboarding are shaping today's media and influencing audiences of all ages.

Making Waves with a Marine Career 10th - 12th Grade Marine Sciences and Careers
Discover the wild and wet world of marine careers. Students "submerge" themselves into the fields of marine mammal training, water chemistry, aquarium and animal care, research and conservation education.

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Natural Sciences

Disney's Ocean Discoveries 4th - 9th Grade Marine Science and Conservation
Explore the diverse marine environments of a tropical island with scientists and educators from the The Living Seas.

Disney's Wild by Nature 4th - 10th Grade Animal Behavior
Explore the fascinating and surprising world of animal behavior!

Team Up for Wildlife 6th - 10th Grade Natural Science and Conservation
Join the team of Disney's Animal Kingdom scientists to study animal research challenges, social structures, communication, behavior, and nutrition.

Tropical Connection 3rd 12th Grade Rain Forest Ecology
Explore an authentic Florida swamp ecosystem and learn the connections between all threatened or endangered tropical wetlands and particularly rainforests.

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Physical Sciences

Disney's World of Physics: Energy & Waves 3rd - 12th Grade Physical Science
This interactive adventure showcases the physics concepts of optics, acoustics, and magnetism in a real world context

Disney's World of Physics: Properties of Motion 3rd - 12th Grade Mathematics/Science
Explore the physics concept of the basic properties of force, motion, and gravity at select Magic Kingdom attractions.

Dynamics of Technology 9th - 12th Grade Science & Technology
Students discover how imagination, ingenuity, and science drive innovations that may fulfill the wants and needs of humankind.

How Things Move K-2nd Grade Science & Technology
Young learners discover the principles of how things move.

Synergy in Science 2nd - 8th Grade Science & Technology
Take an in-depth exploration of the interaction between creativity and technology.

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