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Frequent Asked Questions

Why should we attend Universal's Grad Bash 2025?
Universal's Grad Bash is the ultimate graduation celebration for today's seniors. Encompassing BOTH Universal Studios® and Universal's Islands of Adventure®, it features the largest "footprint" of any Orlando graduation event. With cutting-edge rides and attractions, the hottest musical performers, multiple dance zones and more, it's a party only Universal can throw! Plus, Grad Bash let chaperones in on the fun with free Universal ExpressSM ride access, the popular chaperone-only lounges, giveaways and more!

When is Universal's Grad Bash 2025?
Grad Bash takes place on April 4, 5, 11 & 25 in 2025 - from 7pm - 2am at Universal Orlando® Resort located in Orlando, Florida.

Who is eligible to attend Universal's Grad Bash 2025?
High school seniors and their chaperones may attend this event. It is up to the discretion of your school administration to allow students to bring dates who are not graduating seniors. All participants must be either students or chaperones from your attending public, private, or home school. Schools may bring their junior class officers to give them a preview of Grad Bash 2025 experience so they can help promote it to their class next year.

Does every group need to have a chaperone?
Every group must have at least one adult (21 or older) chaperone. Groups of 10 or more must have at least one adult chaperone for every 10 students. All participants - students and chaperones - must adhere to the Universal's Grad Bash 2025 dress code and abide by a no-smoking, no-alcohol and no-drugs policy.

Are there any special responsibilities for our chaperones during Universal's Grad Bash 2025?
Yes. At least one of your chaperones must be on duty throughout the entire event. Your head chaperone is required to check in immediately upon arrival to pick up a pager. It must be returned upon exiting. Along with giving the head chaperone a pager Universal's Grad Bash 2025 representative at the Park will also request a cell phone number for the evening of the event. Chaperones may not leave the event until park close except for an emergency. Chaperones are required to make sure that students follow the no-smoking, no-alcohol and no-drugs policy throughout the entire evening. This is considered a school event, so all school rules and regulations should be enforced by all chaperones.

Can we leave the event early?
Since Universal's Grad Bash 2025 is a special after-hours school event they do have a "lock-down" policy. Everyone, including chaperones, will have to stay in the parks until the event ends at 2:00am. Though they do not encourage early release of a student there may be special circumstances when a student may leave the park early with pre-approval from the school's Head Chaperone and from the Grad Bash 2025 Team. The Head Chaperone must escort the student to a designated transfer area and a parent or legal guardian must be present in order for a student to be released from the park

Do our students need money once inside the park?
Your students will need spending money for food and souvenir merchandise.

Do our chaperones receive complimentary admission to Universal's Grad Bash 2025?
Yes -- one complimentary chaperone package is provided to you for every 10 student packages purchased.

What kind of security will be present?
All bags, pockets and other items are checked for any illegal substances and weapons. All questionable items will be confiscated at the gate. Security is visibly present throughout the park during the event and a paging system is in place to reach your chaperones should your students require assistance. At Universal Orlando, safety is always a priority, so your students can enjoy their night of fun in a safe environment.

Who will be performing at Grad Bash 2025?
This event no longer has live performers but the hottest DJs facilitate an unforgettable evening.

Is there a dress code?
Seniors should wear comfortable clothing that lets them have fun while still looking their best. Universal's Grad Bash 2025 does enforce a dress code for this event. Click here for more information.

How do we know where specifically to arrive and depart from the event?
Prior to the event, you will be sent an information packet including everything there is to know about your Grad Bash 2025 experience including specific arrival and departure locations.

What is there to do for Chaperones?
In addition to the free admission 1 per 10 students, chaperones can skip the regular lines at participating rides and attractions with complimentary Universal Express access! Plus, chaperones enjoy special VIP extras including snacks and drinks all night long, complimentary breakfast, giveaways and games throughout the night, and the ever-popular chaperone only lounges!

Can we design our own Grad Bash 2025 package?
Yes. Our travel planning team may custom design a package for your school

Who do we call if we need assistance in Orlando?
When you book with 1st Stop Group Travel Planners, your group is assigned an Operations Team who will assist you from your arrival at your hotel to departure. You will meet members of the Team at the hotel upon arrival. If you need assistance or you have an emergency during your stay in Central Florida, you will contact our 24 hours Operations line at 1-877-941-0001 option 2. The Operations assistance line is answered 24 hours a day anytime a group is in town.

How do I get started planning my school trip?
1st Stop Group Travel Planners has several packages to choose from to fit your students' budget. Call our Travel Planning Team at 1-877-941-0001 or fill out a Grad Bash 2025 QuickQuote Form. There are only four nights to choose from, but the event fills up fast so you shouldn't delay.

What if I have more questions?
If you have additional questions, please contact our Travel Planning Team at 1-877-941-0001 option 1.
Our Travel Planning Team members are available to assist you:

Monday - Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday - 8am - 6pm
Saturday - 10am - 4pm
Sunday - 12pm - 4pm.
Eastern Time

To book now, call a Travel Planning Team member at 1-877-941-0001 or fill out a Grad Bash QuickQuote form.

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