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Group Packages including Universal Orlando Stars Performance
Vacations Packages for Universal Orlando Stars Performance

Group Packages including Universal Orlando Stars Performance

What is Universal Orlando Star Performance?
Universal Orlando Stars Performance is the music performance program that puts your group in the heart of two incredible theme parks!

Who is eligible to perform at the Universal Orlando Resort?
Bands, choirs, orchestras, dance troupes, and other performance groups from schools and community groups are welcome to audition to be part of Universal Orlando Stars Performance Program.

What is the selection process for Universal Orlando Star Performance Program?
Your director must apply and submit audition material to Universal Orlando Star Performance. Upon acceptance, your director receives written confirmation of scheduled performance, venue, and date. Click here to download the Universal Orlando Star Performance application. You must have a minimum of 40 performers. Smaller groups click here for Disney Magic Music Days.

Where will my group perform?

Marching Performances
Bring your group any time of the year for an unforgettable experience. In the spring you can join the Mardi Gras celebration at Universal Studios® and perform in the pre-parade activities. In the winter, take part in the Macy's Holiday Parade™ and march through the studio streets.

Stage Performances
From the Plaza Stage in the Universal CityWalk® entertainment complex, non-marching groups entertain crowds of delighted Universal visitors. Whether you are a jazz band, show choir, concert choir, or orchestra, the cheers and applause of grateful guests will leave your performers with wonderful lifelong memories.

How long is the average performance?
Marching bands will perform a 2/3 mile march through Universal Studios. Bands must continue playing throughout the entire marching route.

Stage performances will take place on the CityWalk Plaza Stage. If there special events happening at CityWalk, a substitute stage will be located Universal Studios. Stage performances will be allowed a 20-minute performance.

Do our students need money once inside the park?
Your students will need spending money for food and souvenir merchandise.

What about the directors?
Our packages include two complimentary double occupancy director packages.

What about the chaperones?
One complimentary chaperone package at the double occupancy rate is provided to you for every 15 student packages purchased. All other chaperones may purchase the package at the student rates.

Does the package include admission to the Universal Orlando® Theme Parks?
All of our packages include admission to the theme parks. Ask your Travel Planner for details.

Do I need motorcoach transportation?
You will need private transportation to and from all Universal Orlando Star Performance activities. Please ask your Travel Planner about adding Transportation to your package. 1st Stop Group Travel Planners can assist you with Local Transportation and Charter Transportation from your home town.

Is there a dress code?
As part of your audition, you will submit a non-returnable, color photograph of the uniforms/customs to be worn during your performance. The photograph must show the entire uniform/costume/robe.

How do we know where specifically to arrive and depart from Universal Orlando Star Performance?
Prior to your performance, you will be sent an information packet including everything there is to know about your Universal Orlando Star Performance experience including specific arrival and departure locations.

Who do we call if we need assistance in Orlando?
When you book with 1st Stop Group Travel Planners, your group is assigned an Operations Team who will assist you from your arrival at your hotel to departure. You will meet members of the Team at the hotel upon arrival, if applicable. If you need assistance or you have an emergency during your stay in Central Florida, you will contact our 24 hours Operations line at 1-877-941-0001 option 2. The Operations assistance line is answered 24 hours a day anytime a group is in town.

What if I have more questions?
If you have additional questions, please contact our Travel Planning Team at 1-877-941-0001 option 1.
Our Travel Planning Team members are available to assist you:

Monday - Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday - 8am - 6pm
Saturday - 10am - 4pm
Sunday - 12pm - 4pm.
Eastern Time

To book now, call a Travel Planning Team member at 1-877-941-0001 or fill out a Universal Orlando Stars Program QuickQuote Form.

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